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Nashville Scene

Kids Incorporated: Today’s Children’s Music Aims for the Sophisticated Tykes

The stigma that children’s music is pure sonic piffle is going the way of Barney the purple dinosaur. The industry that once proffered artists like Raffi Cavoukian, who would shake his sillies out—and make parents tear their hair out—has been updated for modern tykes. Today’s kiddie collections are produced with an attention to sonic detail, accomplished with big-name talent and designed to achieve a musical common ground that enlightens kids and adults.

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Nashville Scene

Back to the Future: Glasgow’s Frightened Rabbit Release Their Sophomore Record

Basic human behavior dictates you walk backward for one of two reasons: You’re either arguing with someone or acting like a dunderhead. In “My Backwards Walk,” Frightened Rabbit vocalist Scott Hutchison is squabbling, all right, over personal shortcomings and relationship gaffes.