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Otr echolake main article
The Boston Phoenix

Echo Lake: Wild Peace

Few labels have fed the shoegaze/dream-pop hydra as regularly as Oakland-based Slumberland. Wild Peace is the label's latest offering, the debut from London duo Echo Lake. Guitarist Thom Hill never met an effects pedal he didn't like.

Main vanshe 480 article
The Boston Phoenix

Van She: Idea of Happiness

Somewhere in a coastal town right now, Van She's synthpop anthem "Beat of the Drum" is playing while groggy, bubblegum-pink, already-nostalgic 20-year-olds move out of the beach house they rented for a week. Idea of Happiness, the Australian foursome's first album since 2008's V, succeeds in its diligent quest to soundtrack our summers.

Arts otr blackmothsuperrainbow cobrajuicy article
The Boston Phoenix

Black Moth Super Rainbow: Cobra Juicy

Technology makes secrecy well-nigh impossible, so Black Moth Super Rainbow settle for employing it as a narrative device. Complete with adopted pseudonyms, latex masks, and a penchant for myth-making, the Pittsburgh band have effectively created avatars of themselves.

Otr sixorgansadmittance mai article
The Boston Phoenix

Six Organs of Admittance: Ascent

Ben Chasny is the thinking man's shredder, a chin-stroking, Gaston Bachelard-quoting antithesis to philistine six-string savants like Steve Vai. The lone mainstay in the ever-evolving Six Organs of Admittance, Chasny believes that what's on a guitarist's bookshelf is nearly as crucial as his choice of gear.

Main candlemass 480%281%29 article
The Boston Phoenix

Candlemass: Psalms For The Dead

If this is truly, certainly, most definitely the final Candlemass album (the doom-metal progenitors called it quits in both 1994 and 2002, only to reform both times), then the swan song on their swan-song release is "Black as Time," a middling, excessively lengthy number that features a 90-second spoken-word opening delivered by a gentleman who sounds like a barmy, untenured philosophy professor.

Main drdee 480 article
The Boston Phoenix

Damon Albarn: Dr Dee

"I think my greatest achievement is to keep ensuring that I am beginning again," conceded director Rufus Norris, one half of the creative partnership behind Dr Dee, an opera delving into the life of 16th-century alchemist and astrologer John Dee.

Otr swans theseer%281%29 article
The Boston Phoenix

Swans: The Seer

Swans albums are the unparalleled expression of multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira, who often sounds like he's either deranged with enthusiasm or deranged with bitterness. Then again, Gira — Swans' guts and soul for three decades now — may just be deranged.

Otr youngfathers tapeone article
The Boston Phoenix

Young Fathers: Tape One

Scotland does boldly inventive/wildly playful indie-pop (and prior to that, post-punk) with such machine-like efficiency that it's been a detriment to the country's other genres. Righting this wrong requires worthy torchbearers; Young Fathers are poised to assume this role for Scottish hip-hop.